Inkscreen is an enterprise mobility software company focused on secure content capture. Founded in 2012 in Austin, Texas, Inkscreen has worked with government and enterprise customers all over the world to help solve the challenge of capturing and managing sensitive business-related media and documents on mobile.

CAPTOR is a mobile software solution for government and enterprise customers to securely capture and manage sensitive business-related content such as photos, documents, and videos. CAPTOR provides employees the mobile productivity tools they need while ensuring IT can maintain full control over the business-related content captured with the app.

  • Photos: capture and annotate high resolution photos
  • Videos: record and edit short videos
  • Documents: Scan paper documents to PDF
  • Apply annotations such as text labels, drawings, or arrows
  • Caption with time/date, GPS location, username, and notes
  • Control resolution and quality when sharing to manage attachment size
  • Store content separate from personal photos and videos (BYOD or COPE)
  • Import content to CAPTOR (based on policy)
  • Share via policy approved apps
  • All captured content and associated data is encrypted
  • Granular IT policies enforce sharing restrictions, back-up, importing, file sizes, and more
  • Remotely erase content if a device is lost/stolen or employee leaves company
  • Apply app-specific authentication protocol

CAPTOR is for the secure capture and control of business-related photos, videos, and documents on mobile devices. Often called a “camera app on steroids wearing a bulletproof vest”, CAPTOR combines useful functionality such as photo and video capture and annotation, scan paper documents to PDF – while storing the captured content in an encrypted container separate from personal media and providing IT full management and control through a set of configurable policies. Try now at