Qlik delivers a compelling mobile BI experience that puts you in touch with your data anywhere, anytime. There’s no learning curve. Just touch, pinch, zoom, and swipe to instantly access and explore a complete set of live data. Take advantage of being in a particular place at a particular time. Stay in touch while you’re on the run. See what’s happening with your business and make better decisions on the go.

The Qlik experience you get on your mobile device is the same one you get on your desktop or laptop. You won’t get a dumbed-down mobile report from Qlik. What you get is responsive design – responsive to any mobile operating system, and any form factor, with an interface that flexes to suit the screen size. Gorgeous and genius!

Platform Deploy App Config App Tunnel Single Sign On Access Control Security Policies
Apple iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android No No No No No No



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