StarMobile is a codeless, cloud-based enterprise mobility solution that dynamically transforms any packaged on-premises (e.g., SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Infor, etc.), or cloud-based application (e.g., Salesforce, Workday, etc.), or custom-built system (including legacy “green-screen” applications) and any workflow into a native mobile app.


Our solution delivers enterprise mobility faster, simpler, and at a lower cost, than any other solution on the planet, typically $5 per user per month for unlimited mobile apps. Built on pioneering technology (five patents pending), StarMobile radically simplifies enterprise mobility by intelligently deriving the mobile app directly from the original application.  Within the cloud, the solution employs a revolutionary remote computing protocol called “MORPH” to apply a series of transformations in real-time to render a native mobile experience to the end user.  This technology is front-ended by StarMobile Studio, our What-You-See-Is-What-You-Mobilize (“WYSIWYM”) visual editor that allows anyone with basic IT or business analyst skills to quickly configure and deploy enterprise mobile apps.  With StarMobile Dashboard, our advanced analytics suite, customers have access to comprehensive, real-time and historical insights into the adoption, usage, and performance of their enterprise mobile apps deployed with the StarMobile Platform.

StarMobile requires no changes to existing applications, no coding, no need for exotic skills, no professional services, no re-building, simple configuration, low maintenance, no re-licensing, no app-specific downloads, with infinite scalability, end to end security, centralized mobile app management and provisioning, and detailed usage statistics, for any application, any use case, any mobile device, on any public, private or enterprise cloud platform.

Platform Deploy Configuration App Tunnel Single Sign On Access Control Security Policies
Apple iOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



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