What is the AppConfig Community?

The AppConfig Community is a collection of industry leading EMM solution providers and app developers that have come together to make it easier for developers and customers to drive mobility in business. The community’s mission is to streamline the adoption and deployment of mobile enterprise applications by providing a standard approach to app configuration and management, building upon the extensive app security and configuration frameworks available in the OS. Working together, the members of the AppConfig Community are making it simpler for developers to implement a consistent set of controls so that enterprise IT administrators can easily configure and manage apps according to their business policies and requirements.

Historically, developers used proprietary software development kits (SDKs) to enable configuration and management features of their apps through EMM. This required app developers to build different versions of their apps for each EMM vendor. Now, with AppConfig Community tools and best practices, developers do not require EMM-specific integrations for many enterprise use cases. End users also benefit from automated features such as an out-of-the-box experience to give the users instant app access without requiring cumbersome setup flows or user credentials.

Benefits of AppConfig


  • Build enterprise-ready apps faster
  • EMM vendor neutral solution
  • Reduce need for proprietary SDK
  • Reduce need for App Wrapping


  • Leverage existing EMM investments
  • Use existing VPN and IAM solutions
  • Better native onboarding user experience
  • Greater selection of business apps

EMM Providers

  • Leverage OS best practices
  • Larger ecosystem of business apps
  • Simplify app configuration
  • Ease management workflows