Join the AppConfig Community

The AppConfig Community creates the tools and best practices to build enterprise ready apps.

Joining the community provides additional benefits including showcasing your solution on the AppConfig website, use of the AppConfig trademark, and other marketing opportunities. The AppConfig Community is open to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) providers, Android Device OEMs, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Mobile App Development Platforms (MADPs), identity service providers, VPN gateways, app security vendors and any other stakeholder in the mobile app ecosystem.

How to become part of the community as an ISV:

  1. Develop by referencing the documentation & best practices in the Dev Center.
  2. Self-certify using your existing UEM/MDM or test with BlackberryCiscoIBMJAMFMobileIronSAPSOTI, or VMware Workspace ONE. Note: You only need to test with one EMM promoter, and it will work with every other EMM promoter!
  3. Submit your Application Configs to the AppConfig Repository.
  4. Download the ‘AppConfig Compatible’ logo.
Requirements To be featured on the website you must fulfill the technical requirements for the AppConfig Compatibility Mark as listed in the AppConfig Trademark Policy.
  1. Enterprise-ready apps users love.
  2. Inclusion in a universal repository available to customers thru their sponsoring MDM vendor
  3. Use of the AppConfig logo in marketing materials to showcase your enterprise capabilities.